What Is an Outdate?

                              One of the most frequently asked questions I get is " What is the Girlfriend Experience?"


         A GFE party can be a number of different things. It really depends on the person and what they are looking for. In its most basic form a GFE party is a more intimate type of experience that includes kissing, cuddling, more foreplay, and gives us more time to make a more personal connection as well as a physical one. When we look more in depth at a GFE party it can take on a lot more meaning. Some clients are just looking for companionship rather than a sexual encounter and would prefer to sit and visit and enjoy simple things like spending time in the hot tub or a bubble bath while we sip wine and talk about everything and nothing. Other clients want the personal connection as well as the physical and want someone to accompany them to an event or dinner. Then there are some that are more adventurous and want to go do more exciting things like a fishing trip, a trip to the gun range, parasailing at Lake Tahoe, a weekend trip to Las Vegas with a ride of the Sex Plane, etc. The possibilities are really endless. No matter what your taste and no matter what type of more intimate experience you are looking to have, I can tailor a GFE party to fit any taste or desire.

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