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The Girlfriend Experience

A more intimate experience. Kissing, cuddling, flirty play. We please each other while making a romantic emotional connection


Hiking, spa days, dinner, movies, or concerts. Let's go out and do something fun before heading back to the ranch and share my suite together


The only limit is your imagination when we spend an entire evening together and fall asleep in one another's arms. Cuddling is the perfect way to spend the night... We can even play in the morning!

Tantric Sex & Massages

This is Erotic and Sensual, We take our time massaging each other with oil, teasing the most sensitive areas before reaching an intense climax together. Eyes gazing, synchronized breathing...


I love bringing in a friend, or even two or more! We all enjoy playing with each other. We can put on a show for you or let you join to see how fun two or more of everything can be


A rare type of activity that I offer that is not available from many ladies. I enjoy this very much, but it does take time to for me to build up and do it properly. Once we get there and I'm ready we will have an amazing experience that is second to none

Filming & Sex Tapes

We can always discuss taking photos and filming our time together! It's sexy and fun


Let me show you how a woman should treat a man. Blow jobs are a hot, sexy, way to relieve all of your built up stress. I enjoy receiving just as much as giving, let's enjoy a GFE Encounter to share this activity together

Half & Half

An amazing sexual experience. This party includes foreplay, oral, and followed by sex. A staple of any encounter with me. Let me show you my skills in the bedroom


I specialize in couples, we can do as much or as little activities as you'd like. The lady always takes the lead when I share an experience with a couple. This is all about the type of memory you want to take home and share


Roleplaying, voyeurism, exhibitionism,  domination/submission, Pampering, Multi-Girl, Orgies, these options are truly endless


Foot Play, Pegging, Bondage, BDSM, Sploshing, Electro-stimulation, Humiliation, Impregnation and more. What type of fetish are you curious about sharing together?

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