Gifts are always more than welcome! Holidays, My Birthday or even as a thank for my time are always greatly appreciated! You can send my favorite chocolates, flowers, lingerie, something off my wishlist right to me! The choice is yours, just knowing you're thinking of me makes my day! I'll send photos and even thank you on social media (don't worry no names ever mentioned unless it's requested)

Help me stay healthy and in shape by sending me some equipment or attire from my list! I spend most of my day thinking about what I put into my body or to burn off the cheat day! (click here)
Sporty Woman Stretching
It takes so much for me to be ready for you! That includes daily skin and hair care. I spend about 3 hours every day just showering and getting ready, silky hair to soft kissable lips! (click here)
Applying Lipstick
There is so much we can do during our time together. Want to watch my play with a special toy? What about a sex lounge or a massage candle? We can explore them all together! (click here)
I Love Godiva Chocolate! The Milk Chocolate Covered Strawberries are my favorite! (click here)
I Help coach a local 14U Softball team. The girls are in desperate need of equipment! (click here)
Home Run
I'm trying to decorate my room, help me make it my own relaxing space after a hard workout or long day on the computer! My personal bedroom is where I reset for the night (click here)
Decorated Bedroom
I have some many hobbies I love to do. I scubadive, I fish, I play pool, I game and even love birds. I love animals, I have two dogs and two cats who love to play with new toys and snacks! (click here)
Diving with Fish
If you've gotten to connect with me some then you know I LOVE food! I enjoy mixing drinks & cook new things, from BBQ to Asian, help me expand my kitchen, I'd love to cook for you! (click here)
Cocktail Making
I Love Godiva Chocolate! The Milk Chocolate Cookies are another favorite of mine! (click here)
I travel tons back and forth from home to the Bunny Ranch. I also love to hike and picnic with someone special that wants to join me! Help me enjoy my adventures! (click here)
Plane in the Sky
I have some really fun costumes and sexy outfits I would love to wear for you when you come see me. We have parties where I always need a date, or a bikini for the hotsprings, jeans? Hot! (click here)
Model in bikini
I love feeling sexy in a new pair of heels that compliment my legs or even a fun cap or jewlery to show off while on our date together. Let me know you're thinking of me. I can't wait (click here)
Agent Provocateur is my favorite lingerie company! It's what I'm wearing in my latest photo shoots. Send me a giftcard so I can pick out some special and wear it for you! (click here)
godiva cookie.JPG
If you're not sure what to send you can always send me gift cards to my favorite places! (click here)
agent provocatuer.JPG
Victoria's Secret is the place I shop a lot, workout clothes to bras and panties. Send me a giftcard so I can pick out something special for you! (click here)
victoria secret.JPG

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