Frequently Asked Questions

 What is the Moonlite Bunny Ranch?

      A Legal Brothel outside of Carson City, Nevada. Close to  Reno. Here, all ladies including myself are licensed, and medically tested. You can have safe and clean encounters with Legal Sex Workers/Courtesans at the Bunny Ranch. This is where our booking will take place!

How often are you tested?
     I am tested weekly. We even have our own doctor's office so we can be tested onsite. In and out, for our convenience. We are tested weekly, monthly, bi-annually, and annually depending on what tests we are due for. I have been and will continue to be cleared for AIDS, HIV, Hepatitis, and every STD across the board. 

Can you available if you have not tested or received a positive test?
     Absolutely not. This is how we stay legal, clean, and worry free! I can't even be here until tested and desired results are on paper from the lab!

Can I receive pictures from you, get to know you better, or cultivate a relationship with you?
     I literally receive hundreds of emails, tweets, private messages, DMs, fan mail, and requests everyday, even on my vacations! I don't mind one bit, being contacted about party details and when to set up an appointment to have a private encounter with me! As far as pictures go, all of mine are on my website and yes it's me and yes they are very recent. If you are wanting private pictures, more involved and intimate conversations and messages, put down a deposit for an appointment or get me a gift from my wish list! Personalized photos are something I reserve for Silver Members and up. Our time is very valuable and I like to save my time and energy for serious clients. I would love for you to become one!

What is a Lineup?
     A lineup is where you come in and are able to see every lady in the house right line up in front of you. Those who are available will come out and say their names. You can pick one or more ladies to take you on a complimentary, non obligatory tour of the property and may ask any further questions you have from here. I am not available in lineup.  I am local and available by request or appointment only. The tour is complimentary, but as we are very busy and popular ladies it is polite to tip if you decide not to book with us!

Am I required to do a line up?

    No! The line up is a great way to see every available lady in the house at that time but is not required. You may come in and request me, If I am available they will give me a call. The best and only way to insure I can be available for you is to set up an appointment with me. Send me a contact email! Once we discuss what you'd like and when, you may set an appointment with me!

How can I set up an Appointment?
     Send me an email about what you are looking to experience. Tell me a little about yourself and fill out my contact form! This helps me connect with you more. We can chat back and forth, go over options and details before I walk you through scheduling a date with me!

How much does it cost? 
     Unfortunately, by law, I cannot discuss pricing online, in emails, or over the phone, only here in person at the Bunny Ranch! Sorry. No I will not give you a ballpark figure, I can't break the law. Once you get here, I am more than willing to work with any budget so that we can have a great time! The more generous you are with me, the more intimate I can be with you

What is a deposit?
     A deposit is when you call into the Bunny Ranch Booking Office. Dial (775) 246-9901 and press 0 for the manager on shift. She will be able to take your deposit for our time together. Let her know it's for Harley Lane, tell her what date and time we have agreed upon. Remember, they only take a deposit to secure our appointment. They do not schedule the appointment for me. The deposit helps me know that you are serious about spending time with me. With a deposit, I am available that day for you and only you. I only see one client a day, this insures that I will be available for you when you arrive and gives us more time to email back and forth while we wait for our appointment. My clients place a deposit of 10% of their intended budget. It shows me you appreciate the time I am giving you. Deposits are non-refundable. If something comes up, you can leave it to me as a tip, or I have save it to re-schedule!

Can I set an appointment without a deposit?
     No. Unless prior arrangements are made with me via email, with an acceptable explanation, I do not set appointments without a deposit placed. This is so that I can be available if someone is not sure about the time we will meet.

Do I have to place a deposit?
     Yes. Rarely no, But it is STRONGLY recommended! When I know you are serious I will share more of my time with you!

What if I don't want to put it on my card?
     Well, if it helps we are discretely billed! It will show up on your billing statement as an innocuous charge not associated with the Bunny Ranche! If you're sharing a bank account, don't worry! I get it! You can use a pre-paid visa to place the deposit. I do not accept cash or cashier's checks sent in by mail! The risk of it being lost or mail being stolen in the process is too high! If you insist, I understand. There won't be a credit for the deposit if it doesn't show up... Sorry! We can also discuss the possibility of wire transfers. It is always secure!

How can I pay for the party?
      We accept all major cards except for American Express. We also accept cash. We have an ATM on-site, and the transactions on it are discreet! We can do cash, card, cash and card, multiple cards, or whatever makes the transaction easier for you! We even accept casino chips and cash out tickets from local casinos in the Lake Tahoe, Reno, and Carson City area.

You can call in and add on to your deposit as well.

Who gets the money?
     We don't handle any money or transactions! The booking all goes through our cashier and office. This keeps it stress-free for me so I can worry about you instead of the money!

When do I pay?
     Up front after we host our own little discussion! NOT AFTER. You are always more than welcome to prepay before you get here, or continuously add on to your deposit over the intervening time to make it easier for you. If you had a great time, tips are always appreciated and recommended. 

Can I tip?
     Absolutely! We accept tips of all amounts and sizes with a huge thank you! The more you tip, the more it helps show our management how much of an amazing time you had! Tip the cashiers and bartenders too while you're at it! They'll take such good care of us both! Please write me a review of our time together! It doesn't have to be raunchy or have details. Ask me how? You can also send me gifts from my wishist here: 

What is a negotiation? What do we discuss?
     A negotiation is when we come back to my room and talk the details! First we discuss everything you want to experience. Everything, every detail must be discussed with me upfront before we become intimate, even if we have discussed them via email. I want us to both be on the same page and having the experiences you are looking forward to! Then we talk pricing. Nothing is set in stone. It's called a negotiation for a reason but have an idea what your budget is! It's your budget! Then, when we agree (we always will), we can book the party, and have our fun!

Wait, What is a party?
     A party is what we call our time together in the bedroom after booking. It Does not have to be limited to sexual encounters, we can stay the night, go out on the town or anywhere in the state for an outdate while having fun!

What all can we do?
     Depends on what we agree to. I'm an independent contactor, meaning Anything that doesn't make me feel comfortable, we don't have to agree to. Don't let that scare you away. The options are endless! I personally offer a little bit of everything and can be very open-minded. Maybe you can be my first special request!

What is an outdate?
     Where we book an amount of hours and can go out on the town! We can go anywhere in the state, to your hotel room, go to dinner and a movie, go hiking, watch a baseball game, go to a shooting range, or even go to Vegas! We just need to make sure we do our booking at the Bunny Ranch in person first.

What if we run out of time and I desire more?
     We can always re-book from there and continue to have as much fun as you want!

What if I want more activities?
     We can add things on at any time! let's change it from a quickie to a GFE, from a oral special to a sexy threesome. You can add in fantasies, fetishes, or other girls, the options are endless!

What is the best way to get ahold of you?
     E-mail is always the best way, especially for appointment inquiries.

Are there other ways to contact you or follow what you're up to?
     Absolutely! I have Twitter (@HarleyLaneTx), Snapchat (HarleyLane_Tx), Periscope (HarleyLaneTx), Facebook (/HarleyLaneTx), Instagram (HarleyLaneTx), and my own website. This is where I post my availability, pictures and what all I want to share with my fans, clients, and followers!

Do I have to use condoms?
     YES. Part of the brothel experience is safe sex, even when receiving oral sex, but a skilled lady like myself, knows how to give you an experience so good you'll forget you're even wearing one. I buy the thinnest, most comfortable condoms I can find, and at a cost just so you can enjoy yourself more.

Do I need to bring my own condoms?
     Nope! I have my own! I have all my own condoms, toys, and supplies. Don't worry about it, I'm prepared! We're required to use our own anyway, to ensure safety.

What if I have a latex allergy?
      We cannot use lambskins, But I do have my own polyurethane condoms that are safe and legal for us to use! Protects against pregnancy and STD's both. 

What if I have a Fantasy or Role Play request that requires special toys, or outfits?
     You're more than welcome to bring in toys and outfits for us to use and me to wear in our party! Everything must be packaged with original tags, and brand new, just as a health precaution. I wear a size, Small/X-Small (the smallest they have works best).

If I tip you or pay extra, will you give a bareback BJ/sex?
     Absolutely not. I'm not willing to risk my safety or yours just because you want to pay me extra, use it for extra time and activities instead!

I'm not local and will be flying in, can I receive help with transportation?
     Call the Bunny Ranch office and they will be more than willing to send one of our complimentary drivers to come get you, from the airport, from your hotel, from Reno, or even Lake Tahoe. They can bring you in for our appointment and take you back when we're done spending time together. The driver is free but please tip them also! They greatly appreciate it!

What is the closest airport to the Bunny Ranch to fly into?
     The Reno Tahoe International Airport, in Reno, NV in your closest! RNO is only right over a half hour drive from the ranch!

Can I stay the night at the Bunny Ranch?
     We are not a hotel and unfortunately don't have enough rooms available to rent out! I have my own VIP suite that is perfect for long term parties and multi girl parties! If you want to stay the night, book an overnight with me and we can cuddle up, watch a movie, sleep, or have fun all night long! Otherwise we have several hotels in the Carson City area that will be more than happy to have you!

Is there a hotel you recommend close by?
     There are many options but we have a running Special year round with the GOLD DUST WEST hotel and casino. Tell them you are a Bunny Ranch customer, and they will give you the Bunny Ranch rate and room upgrade at $69 a night (Pun intended)!

Will I come to your location?
     No. You must come here to the Bunny Ranch and speak with me in person. After we talk details and book then we can go out to anywhere in the state. Everything must be done here first! 

Can I take pictures or film our encounter?
     We can definitely negotiate the use of film in our encounter, but it must be discussed before the party and be for personal use only. An encounter with film is a specialty party, so make sure you adjust your budget accordingly, I'm one in a small handful of ladies that even offers this as a bonus activity!

What is a GFE Party?
     A GFE is the Girlfriend Experience! It's a more intimate, romantic encounter, with kissing, cuddling, touching, shower time, and intellectual conversation. Get to know the real me! It's more than enough time  to get to know me and enjoy and explore every inch of each other! This is the most intimate and special of all the party options on my menu. Enjoy it with me?

E-mail me at or click the contact button to set an appointment with me!

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